Can Back Pain Be Cured By Exercising?

Based on recent statistics, more than 76% of people from across the world have been experiencing back pain. Back pain can be a strenuous activity, tension, or injury. Frequent causes for back pain could be ligaments or strained muscles. Repeated lifting of heavyweight, sudden awkward movement, or any other can also strain the spinal ligaments and back muscles. When you have a poor physical condition, then constrain strain could also cause painful muscle spasms. Lower Back Pain exercises help you to easily get prominent relief from your agony. Sometimes, you could feel resting when you have back pain, but moving could be much better for your back. Normally, the lower back pain exercises could easily strengthen your stomach, back as well as leg muscles. It is also helpful for relieving back pain and supporting the spine. Before considering the exercises, it is quite important to consult the health care professional. Below are some of the effective exercises for lower back pain:

Partial Crunches:

Partial Crunches are one of the best ways to strengthen your back along with the muscles in the stomach. Some exercises could also easily increase your back pain, so they should be avoided when you have acute lower back pain. Partial Crunches are considered as one of the effective lower back pain exercises for strengthening your core.

  • Lie with knees bent
  • Keep feet flat on the floor
  • Put hands behind the neck
  • Raise your shoulders off from the floor
  • Breathe out as you raise your shoulders
  • Use arms to pull the neck off the floor
  • Lower your back down slowly
  • Repeat 8 to 12 times

Hamstring Stretches:

Poor posture, repetitive movement, or even constantly sitting could also easily force your hips to a constantly-shortened position. It would create a tight hamstring, so this exercise is quite helpful for relieving the pain from your back. The hamstring stretches are a simple yet effective exercise for your lower back pain.

  • Lie on your back
  • Now bend one knee
  • Loop a towel under your stretched foot
  • Straighten your knee
  • Now pull back the towel slowly.
  • You would get a gentle stretch down the back of your leg.
  • Hold for 15 to 30 seconds.
  • Do the exercises 2 to 4 times (each leg)

Wall Sits:

Wall sit is one of the best exercises that are helpful for strengthening your quadriceps muscles. The Wall Sits, or Wall Squats are also the best back pain exercises for building endurance as well as strengthen the calves, glutes, quads as well as abdominal muscles.

  • Stand up straight from the wall.
  • Lean back against the wall until your back is flat
  • Slowly slide down until your knees.
  • Knees can be slightly bent.
  • Press your lower back into the wall
  • Hold for 10 seconds
  • Slide back up the wall carefully.
  • Repeat 10 to 12 times

Regular practice of these exercises is quite effective in reducing your back pain. When you have any discomfort in doing the exercise, seek the health professionals for medical guidelines.