Relieving Yourself of Persistent Back Pain

Remote work offers many perks. The flexibility of schedule and better work-life integration is on top of the list. For some people, remote work has always been a choice because of these advantages. But for most, the pandemic had put them in this kind of work set-up. They were not given the time to adjust to this abrupt change.

As such, there had been a rise of some issues as people tried to adapt to remote work. This includes juggling between work and responsibilities at home. Managing emotional stress is also a problem for some. The absence of a conducive home office is a major concern for the instant remote workers.

It is not surprising then that people started to feel aches and pains that they do not have before. Recurring back pain and some neck stiffness became more common complaints. This may be because of the factors stated above. What can you do when your back pain becomes too much to bear? Here are some of your options.

Chiropractic Care

A chiropractor is a medical professional who can help you with chronic back pains. Chiropractic treatments such as spinal adjustment help to improve joint function. It also reduces pain and any inflammation. The effects of this treatment would be noticeable after a few sessions.

Chiropractors can also teach you mobility exercises. Some even offer nutritional counseling and healthy lifestyle advice. Individualized treatment plans not only address the back pain. They also help to increase energy and boost the immune system. As such, there is an improvement in a person’s quality of life. These changes will also translate to your productivity and the kind of work output that you have.

Exercise and Stretches

Back pain is often a result of sitting too long in one position. Most people know that they should take regular breaks. But, sometimes, you hunch down on your laptop and the next thing you know, hours have passed by.

It entails discipline to make yourself stand up at regular intervals. Walking is the simplest exercise to relieve your back from prolonged sitting. A short nature walk is best at it also gives you a mental break.

You can also incorporate some exercises and stretches during these short rest periods. You can try some twisting and bending. Make it more complex with some planks or cat-cow poses.

Massage Therapy

Nobody would argue about the relief that a massage could bring. This is the reason why it is high on the list of self-care techniques. The connection between your spine and uptight muscles can encourage you to get a massage. Treat your muscles to some relaxation. Along the way, it helps to reduce pain in your back. Relaxed muscles also contribute to postural alignment.

You must be careful, though, to find a qualified therapist for your massage. This way, you could get the best out of this alternative treatment. Do not forget to pencil in a regular schedule every month for some massage. This will ensure that you have a more relaxed mind and body.

Ergonomic Home Office Furniture

If remote work is part of the new normal, then it is best to look at your chair and desk in your home office. Are they ergonomic? Do they support proper posture? Investing in ergonomic chairs and desks goes a long way to relieving yourself of back pain.

Make sure that your chair provides lumbar support for you not to strain your back. It also should allow you freedom of movement as you work. Seat-height adjustment is important so your knees and feet are in the right position. You can also look for one that has a recliner for short periods of rest.

Ergonomic desks must allow height adjustments. More and more people are trying to spend a part of their workday standing up. Thus, sit-stand desks are conquering the market. The key here is still balance. Standing for most of the day may have the same adverse effects as prolonged sitting. Desk width is also important for you to position your equipment better. This will prevent you from slouching for you to reach them.

Stress Management

An underlying cause of back pain is when a person experiences high levels of stress. To make sure that your pain would not come from stress, you can try some relaxation strategies. Some examples are deep breathing, guided imagery, mindfulness meditation, or self-talk. You may also opt for lifestyle changes that reduce stress. Go for proper nutrition, restful sleep, and self-care routines.

Do not ignore back pain. Its effects go beyond physical pain. Your work, mood, and lifestyle can get altered when you choose not to address this issue. You can choose from the many ways presented here to treat your back pain.

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meta desc: Back pain gives discomfort, alters moods, and affects productivity. You do not have to endure this condition. There are helpful techniques to relieve yourself of it. Read on to see which among them you prefer.