Know The Warning Signs Of Breast Cancer

Knowing how a normal breast looks is crucial for your health. Regular breast screening is important, but it’s better to be aware of breast changes such as appearance and feeling. However, some signs, like lumps or breast masses, may not be cancerous. Go for a checkup to detect the disease early for better chances of recovery.

Signs of Breast Cancer You Shouldn’t Ignore

Nipple Discharge

The discharge can be milky, thin, or thin, with colors ranging from clear to red, green, or yellow. Although nipple discharge can occur due to breast infections, breastfeeding, or medication side effects, it’s best to seek medical attention to determine the cause.

Lymph Node Changes

Lymph nodes capture harmful cells like cancer cells, bacteria, and viruses. If a breast is affected by cancer cells, they travel to the underarm node, causing swelling. The lymph nodes may also swell at the collarbone.

Redness Or Flaky Skin Around the Nipple

Another sign of breast cancer is changing skin color, which may appear red, bluish, or purple. The skin may also appear bruised. If you haven’t had recent trauma to the breast, it may be a sign of breast cancer. If the discoloration persists, consult a breast cancer Newport Beach doctor.

Change in breast shape and size

Breast cancer can cause breast swelling, either in the entire breast or in part. The selling may not leave a lump, but one breast may appear larger than the other. Although some people may have different-sized breasts, the affected breast may have an unusual size. In addition, the swelling may make the skin tight.

Pulling In Of The Nipple

Breast cancer cells can alter the nipple. It can invert and reverse into the breast or change in size. However, nipple change can occur during ovulation, but it’s best to take action if you see your nipple pulling in or any other part of the breast.

People experience different types of breast cancer symptoms. Others do not have signs at all. To be safe, always have regular screening and seek medical attention if you see changes in breast size, color, nipple discharge, or swelling in the lymph nodes.