Can CBD Help Support Your Immune System?

It can be stressful and you want your health to remain good. It is important to take extra precautions to protect the immune system. The human body’s endocannabinoid, also known as the ECS, is responsible for many functions. One of these functions is our immune response. To support the ECS, our bodies produce compounds called endocannabinoids. These messages communicate important information to our EC receptors about what our bodies require.

What does this have to do with CBD?

CBD and other cannabinoids work in a similar manner to our own endocannabinoids. They are natural support for the ECS. The ECS works to restore balance within our bodies. This condition is called homeostasis. When our bodies are in balance, they will be able to regulate and support proper immune function.

The complexity of the immune system means that there is still much to be learned. We look forward to more research into the relationship between CBD and the immune system.

The ECS and CBD seem to be essential for maintaining an immune system that functions properly.

Because of the complexity of our immune system, there are many myths surrounding staying healthy during weather changes. Let’s get rid of some myths, and then let’s discuss how to avoid sickness.

Busting Myths Regarding Immune Health

Many people are familiar with the phrase “put on your coat, or you’ll catch a cold”. Recent research has shown that winter sickness is more common due to spending more time indoors (to avoid the cold) and more contact with people who might pass viruses to us.

Let’s dispel the myth and discuss some preventative measures that will keep you warm this winter.


Stress is the number one factor that can weaken your immune system. Stress can quickly damage your immune system, making it more susceptible to getting ill from germs.

Holidays can bring on stress. Stress can be reduced by regular exercise, meditation, mindfulness, and meditation. There are many methods to reduce stress in the holiday season. There are many options, so it doesn’t really matter what you do. We don’t care what you do to manage stress. We want you to do it!


To repair our bodies, it is vital that we get enough sleep. Our bodies will stop producing the necessary antibodies to fight infection if we don’t get enough rest. A CBD supplement taken before bed can help you relax and get deeper sleep. You can do many things to improve your sleep quality.


Island Products suggests that you only use supplements as a complement to a healthy lifestyle. We offer suggestions to boost immunity, but we know that supplements won’t have the same impact as managing stress and sleeping well.


As we’ve already stated, CBD is an effective tool that can help maintain your body’s balance. It is a great way for you to stay balanced and activate your ECS by incorporating CBD into your everyday life.


Echinacea has been shown to increase white blood cells count. This can be helpful in fighting infection and colds. Echinacea tea can be used in a spray form or as a bag of dried tea.

Healthy Foods

Vitamins can help prevent infection from ever occurring. Vitamins don’t have to be taken if you eat healthy and balanced meals. Vitamins can already be found in the foods that we eat. There are so many delicious treats to be enjoyed at this time of year. This doesn’t mean you have to give up on your healthy lifestyle. You can still eat healthy meals between holiday parties. When you’re able, you can even get in some exercise.


Due to the decreased sunlight, vitamin D is essential to be included in your vitamin D supplementation. There are two choices: you can either purchase a high-quality supplement or look for fortified milk, cereals, and other foods.


Vitamin C is the most well-known immune booster. Vitamin C can also be found in citrus fruits, such as grapefruits or lemons or oranges, bell peppers, and kale.


Vitamin E, an antioxidant is powerful in fighting infection. Vitamin E is found in nuts such as avocados, peanuts, and almonds.


Zinc is an important mineral that aids in healing and strengthens your immune system. Zinc is found in legumes and seeds, nuts, soy products, and seeds.

Make sure to eat healthy before your holiday gathering. Your immune system will be grateful for you!


Hydration is vital for the elimination of toxins and harmful bacteria. Water cannot be substituted for it. Avoid soda, sugary drinks, and alcohol. You can drink more if you feel the urge to, such as herbal teas or water flavored with herbs.

Your body requires 1/2 of your body’s weight daily to stay hydrated. If you weigh 150 lbs, 75 ounces is enough. Although it isn’t always possible to consume that much water, 35 oz per day is better than none. Do your best!

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