Delta 8 THC helps Veterans in Many Ways

Sometimes life can be overwhelming for veterans suffering from PTSD or chronic pain. Medical cannabis has been a great help for many veterans. The Department of Veteran Affairs (VA), however, has not made it easy for veterans to access the support they need. Many have chosen it as a legal and safe alternative.

Delta 8 is a federally-legal cannabinoid that offers similar effects as medical cannabis but without the undesirable side effects. It contains Delta 9. Delta 9 can be more intoxicating than Delta 8. It can increase paranoia, anxiety, confusion, and cloudiness for some. Veterans and consumers have reported that Delta 8 has no unwanted side effects, but it can help with anxiety, PTSD, chronic pain, and a host of other issues.

Many veterans also report a better quality of life . They feel less pain. With the guidance and support of their doctor, Delta 8 users report that they are able to lower the dosage of opioids they use. Recent research has shown similar benefits to cannabis. The consumers are more likely to use cannabis and medical marijuana than opioids. This results in less dependence and addiction during an epidemic across the country.

Federal lawmakers are making progress, even though the VA claims they are still investigating the benefits of cannabis for veterans with PTSD. Recent research by the Senate and House subcommittees has been approved, requiring the VA’s action. Research on medical cannabis as a possible alternative to opioids will be a key component.

Veterans appreciate Delta 8’s potential benefits, affordability, and legality.

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