Dental Implants Can Help People Preserve Their Overall Dental Health

The patients who have had to replace lost teeth in the past often used dentures. While dentures are still certainly in use today, it’s becoming more common for patients to think about getting dental implants as well.

Adding Dentures

However, dentures are still the right option for many patients. Dental professionals can discuss these different solutions with them. Some older patients continue to wear dentures because they’ve had severe issues with gum loss and bone loss. The patients who have had these dental problems may have somewhat fewer options if they’re interested in having their teeth replaced.

However, getting dental implants in Gainesville may certainly make sense for many of today’s patients, including older patients. The patients who continue to have gaps in their teeth should certainly get them addressed as quickly as they can.

Tooth Gaps

While some people might want to fill in the tooth gaps that they have for purely cosmetic reasons, it’s important to note that it’s also much healthier to do so for multiple reasons. The people who have had gaps in their teeth for a while might eventually get significant new dental problems as a result.

The patients who have had unhealthy teeth in the past might think that they’re better off without those particular teeth. However, it’s relatively easy for food to accumulate in the new gaps.

Bacteria can start to feed on this debris, which could lead to a case of gum disease as the bacteria become established in a person’s mouth. That bacteria might also threaten a person’s existing teeth, especially if they’re close to the affected area.

The tooth gaps can start to become more painful over time as a result of these issues. However, dental professionals can have the gums treated. From there, patients can think about the possibility of having new dental implants put into place. They may prevent new dental issues from developing if they do so.

Teeth that are near the original tooth gap can be affected by the loss of the tooth in other ways. People’s teeth tend to shift in their mouths throughout the years.

Dental Changes

Many people have a stable bite overall. All the teeth in a person’s mouth will essentially be able to hold each other in place over the years. When one of them is permanently missing, however, those teeth could start to become crooked. Some tooth gaps, particularly if they occur in the back of the mouth, might not be noticeable each time a person speaks. However, if their other teeth start to change when it comes to their position or health, the rest of a person’s bite and smile might be affected.

The loss of an individual tooth might already have an effect on how well a person is able to chew food. When the positions of multiple teeth start to change, people might find it harder and harder to chew the food that they need. Some people will become malnourished as a result, because they won’t be able to chew all the food that they need to keep themselves healthier. Plenty of naturally nutritious food items are typically more difficult to chew, making the situation worse.

The people who are not able to eat healthy diets could start to make their other dental issues worse, since certain foods are better for dental health than others. People who eat softer and more sugary meals might start to see more problems with tooth decay.

Losing a single tooth genuinely does not have to affect a person’s entire mouth, although it can. The people who get dental implants at the right time can stop these problems from escalating.