Dentist in London Ontario

It is highly recommended that you visit your local dental clinic in London, Ontario every six months for check-ups. Through the check-ups, your dentist will watch out for gum problems and cavities. Besides these issues, your downtown London dentist can also check for oral cancer, as well.

Dental practitioners recommend twice a year dental check-ups to allow for professional cleaning of your teeth. During the check-up, your dentist will also check for any early signs of gum issues and tooth decay. Many dentists also use the visits to screen for symptoms and signs of cancer.

Cancer Screening

Before the dental exam, the dentist or dental hygienist will bring your medical history up to date. This helps to unearth any new disease diagnosis. It additionally helps the specialists figure out the medications you had previously taken since your last visit.

While updating your medical history, your downtown London dentist might ask you several questions to identify any risk factors that could potentially lead to oral cancer, such as excessive alcohol consumption and smoking. Individuals who drink alcohol and smoke are at a higher risk of contracting oral cancer. It is worth noting that men are more likely to develop this type of cancer than women.

When you visit a dental clinic in London, Ontario, your dentist will carefully examine the interior and exterior of your mouth. The cancer screening exam should ideally incorporate an extra-oral exam that covers your neck and head, including an intra-oral exam covering the cheeks, palate, lips, gum tissues, and the floor of your mouth.

While conducting the oral exam, your dentist essentially looks for any signs of sores, irregular tissue changes, lumps, and discoloration. In the event that your dentist finds something suspicious like a lesion, he or she may suggest a biopsy, while in some instances, you might be referred to a local oral surgeon.

Signs You Should Watch Out For

Below are some of the most common symptoms and signs of oral cancer:

  1. Bumps or lumps, crusts, eroded areas, or rough spots appearing on gums, lips, or other parts in the mouth
  2. Unexplained bleeding occurring inside the mouth

iii. Velvety red, white, or speckled red and white patches inside the mouth

  1. Persistent sores appearing on the neck, mouth, or face, which bleed easily and fail to heal quickly
  2. Unexplained pain, tenderness, or numbness in the mouth, neck, or face
  3. Difficulty moving the tongue or jaw, swallowing, chewing, or speaking

vii. Soreness or feeling of something stuck at the back of your throat

viii. Chronic hoarseness, sore throat, or changes in the voice

  1. Dramatic weight loss
  2. Ear Pain
  3. Changes in bite

Having scheduled regular checkups at your preferred dental clinic in London, Ontario allows you to ward off potential problems that might affect your mouth and teeth. Note that your downtown London dentist is also experienced enough to catch the early signs and symptoms of oral cancer. Through early oral cancer screening, your dentist can provide you with early treatment. For this reason, most dental practitioners recommend that you schedule appointments and regular check-ups every six months and when you follow this simple routine, you effectively ward off complications.