Signs You Need to Have a Tooth Pulled

Dental phobia is a serious problem. It’s estimated this is something that affects between 13% and 24% of people worldwide.

If you have anxiety related to going to the dentist, you may put off scheduling an appointment. Unfortunately, this isn’t always possible.

Some dental issues require immediate attention. One of these is if you need tooth extractions Broomfield CO. Keep reading to learn some of the signs you should have a problem-tooth pulled.

Extensive Tooth Decay

Tooth decay can occur for many reasons. It may be due to plaque formation, a poor diet, or subpar oral hygiene. Tooth decay is considered a serious problem, and if it goes unchecked, it can cause severe damage to your teeth.

Damaged or broken teeth that are chipped or cracked can be extremely painful and may wind up being pulled.

Dangerous Swelling

Sometimes, an infection around your teeth will put you at risk for serious and potentially dangerous swelling. As the infection grows, it can move from your tooth and into your bone and gum. Sometimes, it may even cause swelling under your tongue.

If this happens, it puts your airway at risk. If the tissue swells too much and your airway closes, it can be fatal.

At this point, it is best to have the problem tooth removed. This will provide the fastest route to complete healing. Sometimes, it is possible to save these teeth with a root canal, but you should speak to your dentist to find out if this is possible.

Don’t Wait to Seek Dental Help

If there is a problem with your teeth, mouth, or gums, it is best to get to the dentist right away. Doing so will help ensure the problem doesn’t get worse and that no serious issues arise. When you get dental care, you will protect your oral health and beautiful smile.