Best Ways to Enhance Fat Burning Potential

Workout regimes and exercises show effective and fast results when one has a strong fat-burning potential, often termed as metabolism. Burning off excess fat is quite a challenging task. Targeting the problem and increasing fat-burning potential is one of the most efficient techniques of getting that perfect summer body! Here are the best and proven ways for achieving this goal.

Focus On Weight-Lifting & Cardio

Intense cardio exercises and weight lifting are highly effective in targeting body fat. Either join a gym or get all the pieces of equipment at home to start intense workout sessions focusing on these two regimes.

Adopt High-Protein Diet Plan

Protein-rich diet plans decrease appetite and increase the feeling of fullness. It helps restrict the consumption of a heavy meal. Seafood, legumes, eggs, meat and dairy products are the inclusions in this case.

Use Vinegar In Possible Recipes

15-30ml of vinegar consumption daily targets belly fat and helps reduce waist circumference. Make marinades and sauces using vinegar or add a tablespoon to a glass of water and drink it.

Add On Fibre-Rich Food

Fibre-rich foods are known for increasing metabolism and aiding constipation too. Whole grains, seeds, nuts and leafy vegetables are some valuable examples.

Say No To Refined Sugar & Carbs

Both refined carbs and sugar are harmful to the body. Say no to processed and packed food items and replace them with quinoa, oats and barley.

Enjoy Regulated Caffeine Intake

Caffeine intake in a controlled amount can show a positive impact on the body. It can enhance metabolism and increase energy expenditure by 3-11%. So, drinking a cup of black coffee with no added sugar or cream right before exercising to see the best results.

Probiotics and Iron Are Helpful

Increase probiotics intake either by taking supplements or eating the right food since studies have proved its efficiency in improving metabolism. Sauerkraut, kombucha, tempeh and kimchi are rich in probiotics. Also, iron will help speed up the process. Since vegetarians, vegan, and women are generally at the risk of iron deficiency, it is best to take the right supplements for it.

Try Alternate-Day Fasting Routine

Fasting is a proven method of controlling appetite and intake of additional meals in a week. Try the alternate-day method by consuming fruits and salads all day.

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