Couples Drug Rehab – Treatment Programs

Couples drug rehab is particularly beneficial for those struggling with addiction. Treatment programs encourage one partner to become more involved in helping the addicted partner overcome substance abuse. Enabling substance abuse will prolong the addicted partner’s struggle with addiction. It is important to develop healthy coping strategies such as setting boundaries by letting your partner know what you won’t tolerate like drug use. Tell them that you won’t support their substance abuse in any manner.

Since communication is an important part of a healthy relationship, you should voice your concerns about addiction to your partner. It is also important that you educate yourself about substance abuse. The more you learn about it, the better you will know what your partner is going through. You need to be patient as well.  It will take time for your partner to resume their responsibilities. Having your support system can help you cope when you’re feeling overwhelmed. Keep encouraging your partner to get treatment. A couples rehab usually offers the following treatment programs:

Behavioral Couples Therapy

BCT trains couples to support and reward each other’s efforts to abstain from illegal substances. It also identifies and rectifies relationship conflicts caused by substance abuse.

Individual Therapy

Sometimes, partners who are both addicted are placed in separate facilities and attend separate treatment programs. Reasons for this method include volatile domestic problems caused by addiction, threats of violence or a history of previous unsuccessful attempts at rehabilitation. Each partner would attend a substance abuse program designed for their unique needs and problems. When things have stabilized, the couple can engage in recovery therapy and counseling and relationship therapy together.

Family Therapy

Families of the addicted couple can be asked to attend therapy sessions to help them learn more about addiction. They can improve communication between them and work through the damage and trauma caused by the couple’s addiction problem. Families can work together with the couple in managing the underlying issues that caused the addiction.

Preventing Codependency

In a codependent relationship, one partner will over-function to make up for the other person’s lack of functioning. They usually do this out of fear of losing their partner. This kind of behavior is not encouraged as it enables substance abuse. The addicted partner may use every method available to justify their behavior to their partner. A codependent relationship allows the addicted partner to maintain their patterns of substance abuse far longer. This increases the possibility of financial ruin, overdose, and even death.

Couples drug rehab provides solutions to a person’s addiction problem. Treatment centers understand the important role played by family and friends in the recovery process. They provide therapy sessions designed to rectify problems caused by substance abuse. The addicted partner usually stays in the facility for treatment and the other partner will participate in several sessions throughout the said process.

If you or your partner is struggling with addiction, don’t hesitate to contact a couples rehab center. Rehab centers educate couples on new communication methods that can help them communicate and support each other better.