Tips to Help You Overcome Stage Fright

You will have several moments in your life when you might need to talk in front of other people. It’s understandable if you don’t feel confident all the time. You might be at a loss for words. However, if you tremble as you begin to speak, and nothing comes out of your mouth, you might have a terrible case of stage fright. It’s something that you need to overcome since there will be several moments when you need to speak in front of others. These are some tips you need to consider.

Breathe deeply 

You need to focus on your breathing when you start to get nervous on stage. It helps you overcome your fears. You will feel relaxed. Try to have a big intake of air before you release it. Do it several times before you come out and speak.

Turn negative into positive thoughts

You might have lots of negative thoughts right before you speak. You think that it might end in a disaster. You also think about irrelevant ideas. Instead of dwelling on them, you can start to make those ideas into something positive. Each time a negative thought pops up, you need to counter it with a positive memory.

Spot one person in the crowd

Whether it’s a friend or family member, it’s important that you have someone in the crowd to look at. Focus your attention on this person and imagine that no one else is there. You will feel more confident to speak when you know that only this person is listening to you. Sometimes, your fear stems from the idea that many people will criticize you if you fail. If you think about this one person who believes in you, it’s easier to do well.

Think of a successful outcome

Envision yourself already done with your speech. Forget about your flaws while delivering the lines. Instead, think about having a successful result. The positive thought will make you feel less worried. You will even feel excited to get through the whole thing as soon as possible.

Ask for help

Perhaps, your stage fright has something to do with a negative memory or a terrible past. Your parents disapproved of your stage performance when you were young. Your classmates also bullied you when you had a terrible speech. Since those incidents, you felt frightened to walk to the stage and face many people. It’s time that you face that haunting past so you will feel more confident. It could also be a confidence issue in general. You have self-esteem problems, and it affects how you perform when on stage.

An excellent way to overcome the problem is by asking for help from a mental health expert like the ones at Counseling Oak Park. You can discuss the problem and find a way to resolve it. Once you start to open up, it will be easier for you to move forward. You will forget everything that frightens you, and be confident each time you have to take the stage.