3 Tips for Encouraging Someone to Seek Therapy

Most people encounter struggles and problems as they make their way through life. While many problems can be resolved without the help of a professional, sometimes getting help from a therapist is the best choice. If someone seems to be unable to cope with a difficult life event, depression, anxiety or other issues, then they should be urged to get help.

  1. Choose the Right Time and Place

When it comes to striking up a sensitive conversation, timing is everything. Ideally, the topic should come up as naturally as possible and be presented in a helpful, non-judgmental way. If possible, a private setting where both people feel relaxed and calm should be sought.

  1. Offer Assistance

If they seem open to the idea but hesitate due to interference by other obligations, offer assistance. Someone who is struggling may not have the financial means, motivation or time to go to appointments. Offering to cover some of the costs, babysit or run errands can help free up time and resources while they are engaged in specialty counseling Marietta GA. If they are afraid of going alone, then they may be willing to go if they have a ride and a supportive person sitting in the waiting room.

  1. Remain Patient

Not everyone is receptive to the idea that they may need to see a therapist. While the stigma around therapy is diminishing, some people still hold on to negative beliefs about the process. It is important to remain calm and supportive. they may not agree to go to therapy and badgering them is unlikely to change their mind. Instead, ask them to explain their beliefs and what they think they need to do to overcome their issues.

Helping someone get through a difficult time is not fun but giving and receiving help is part of most caring relationships. It is important to remember that even if they do go to therapy, things will not improve overnight. They will likely need support from their family members and friends for some time.