Dilaudid vs. Demerol: Which is the Best?

Both Dilaudid and Demerol are administered under the direction of a doctor. However, there are some disparities between these two drugs.


The USFDA approved this drug in 1984 that can only be used according to the doctor’s prescription. Dilaudid is a potent pain reliever to cure minor to severe pain. The liquid type can be taken every 3 to 4 hours. The pill can be ingested every 4 to 6 hours. Also, there’s an extended release Dilaudid that can be ingested once a day in an empty stomach, and it must ease the pain for twelve hours.

This drug has lots of similar harmful effects as other opioids, which include mild euphoria, constipation, lightheadedness, nausea, drowsiness, and sweating. Less common adverse effects include respiratory difficulties, skin rash, drop blood pressure and irregular heartbeat.

These harmful effects have resulted in featuring a warning about serious issues. But the allergic reaction to this drug is rare. Like other opioids like Demerol, this drug mustn’t be ingested with alcohol. If you are taking Dilaudid, you must avoid drinking grapefruit juice as it can stop this drug from working.

The fact that Dilaudid is a potent opioid pain reliever, associated with morphine, this medication can be subject to abuse and addiction. Prescribing practices usually prevent individuals from starting their fight against addiction because of Dilaudid. This drug is administered for long-term relief for acute pain, but those who resist with addiction might ingest Dilaudid to obtain high, as it is an extremely potent narcotic.


This is also an FDA approved for use as a painkiller. This was initially synthesized from morphine and regarded as an antispasmodic drug. Still, it is used as a painkiller and to ease the pain in obstetrics. But, it’s not prescribed by a doctor as often, as more efficient and less sedating narcotic drugs like oxycodone and hydrocodone.

Demerol can be taken every 3 to 4 hours and available in syrup or tablet form. This drug is intended to be ingested for the short term, and it can result in addiction once ingested for more than three to four weeks. Individuals who use this drug for one month must talk to the expert to slowly minimize dose that can assist prevent the signs of withdrawal.

Harmful effects include drowsiness, dizziness, sweating, mild euphoria and constipation. More harmful severe effects include fainting, seizures, low blood pressure, and hallucinations. Like other painkillers, Demerol and alcohol don’t mix, and drinking grapefruit juice can affect the pain relieving properties of this drug.

Help for Abuse and Addiction of Dilaudid or Demerol

Even if Demerol and Dilaudid have different long-term harmful effects, were certified at different times, and prescribed at various potencies for different uses, both can be habit forming and target for addiction or abuse.

Get aid from an expert right away to carefully detox from Demerol and Dilaudid and look for a rehab facility that can assist to conquer addictive behaviors. Therapy session can help an addict struggling with drug addiction know the real cause and trigger of their drug abuse and start to beat this dilemma. With help, people struggling with abuse or dependence can get long-term recovery.