CBD Helping Professional Sports Athletes Get Off Pain Medicines

Cannabis has a potential impact on the health and fitness of athletes. It is considered as a nonpsychoactive treatment for pain and reduces inflammation that is useful for athletes participating in intense exercise and gym sessions. CBD is one of those naturally occurring cannabinoids that occur in the cannabis plant, and it is considered highly effective for the treatment of various conditions associated with athletic contesting, like muscle soreness, joint pain, nausea, stimulate appetite, and inflammation. CBD offers a multi-functional solution for athletes and allows them to minimize the use of a variety of medications.

MaxVera is well-reputed manufacturers of white-labeled CBD. They produce water-soluble and oil-based CBD with a proprietary nano emulsification process. MaxVera is a true believer of the therapeutic benefits of CBD and hopeful for the use of CBD as a mainstream remedial treatment for regular consumers and athletes because of the following reasons:

CBD makes a better athlete:

From the demanding practices to long and tiring game days, an athlete’s body remains under constant wear and tear. An athlete rarely takes a break and just need to shield through any pain. Painkillers are incredibly addictive and dangerous to your health. Because of the nonpsychoactive abilities of CBD, athletes are shifting from prescription drugs like opioids, ibuprofen, etc. CBD is used to reduce pain and recover fast. CBD is a revitalizing factor of the human body that offers a more effective and natural solution for athletes to perform maximum without sacrificing their mental and physical health in the long run.

Why CBD is better than THC?

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and CBD have the same potential benefits, and both are natural compounds extracted from the Cannabis plant, but THC is a psychoactive compound that makes an individual high, which may cause unwanted side effects, and also affects athletic performance. Some researchers suggest that THC may impair short term memory. But CBD acts differently, and it does not make a person high, that is why in every way it is better than THC.

How CBD reduces inflammation and pain?

Two nonpsychoactive cannabis molecules, Cannflavin A & Cannflavin B, target the inflammation source and naturally kill the pain, and these flavonoids are about 30 times better than aspirin at reducing inflammation.

Benefits of CBD for better performance and well being of athletes:

CBD transforms the overall performance and ensures fast recovery from injury without any toxic and chemical prescription drugs. Some amazing benefits of CBD for athletes are:

  • Shortens recovery time of an injury:

CBD has the power to heal most of the health issues, and in addition to reliving in pain, CBD prevents seizures, reduces the risk of diabetes, and fights against cancer. It allows an athlete to combat pain and boosts the healing process.

  • Improves performance:

Facing crowd and bearing game pressure is an intense job, but CBD enhances the ability of the body to deal and manage stress. CBD also ensures that nerves never impede the performance of the player. CBD also boosts body and brain functioning and keeps the athlete in the best state of mind.

  • Cure for inflammation:

Injuries can be career-killing for an athlete; that’s why they take special precautions to avoid injury. CBD is the ultimate natural cure for healing inflammation. Using CBD regularly, before working/practicing, could prevent breaks, tears, and swellings and help an athlete to give their best.


MaxVera is the team of professionals who are manufacturing white-labeled CBD products for going on three decades. The CBD products manufactured by MaxVera have a longer shelf life, faster absorption rate, and particle size under 100nm that makes it incredibly stable and highly absorbent. The CBD products manufactured by MaxVera are of pharmaceutical grade and best for the wellbeing and brilliant performance of athletes.