3 Effective Ways To Deal With Stress

You might be dealing with high levels of stress these days. Many people are. Situations beyond your control, overwhelming demands — it’s part of the human condition. Even though it may feel as though your stress is unmanageable, think again. There are concrete things you can take to relieve the effects of stress and feel calmer. Start with these simple actions.

  1. Reach Out

Get help. If you’re too isolated, your feelings of being stressed out will intensify. It might be a long conversation with a friend. It might be attending a regular support group. It might be seeking out a professional counselor. Working with a therapist can accelerate your healing, provide a variety of coping strategies, and help move you toward constructive change. Not sure where to start? Try a search using terms like virtual counseling Warwick RI to find a clinician who’s a good fit for you.

  1. Move

Whatever your level of fitness, it’s important to move and exercise in some way to help relieve feelings of stress. The activity you choose will be determined by your current state of health, age, and exercise habits. Find something that you enjoy and look forward to. If you can exercise outdoors, the stress-busting benefits are compounded. Get clearance from your health practitioner before you start.

  1. Rest

Getting enough rest and sleep is a vital part of reducing your stress. Try to get at least seven hours of sleep per night; eight is even better. Wind down as you get into the evening hours, and decrease stimulating activities and screen time. You’ll relax more easily when you get into bed. During the day, take brief naps or rest breaks if you need to; they’re a welcome brain break.

Effectively dealing with feelings of stress is a holistic process. Try these tips to feel more settled.