Breastfeeding: How It Supports Your Health

Delivering a baby is like a blessing which changes the whole of the life of a woman. According to the American Academy of pediatrics, it is advised to nursing mothers to breastfeed their babies. Not only for baby breastfeeding also make great support to the woman. There are various health benefits to it.

Women who don’t breastfeed because of some reasons have to go through various related health issues. The only thing left is the whole of their life they have to struggle for the treatment.

However, nowadays technology has made the task easy as you can now have all your prescribed as well as non-prescribed medicines at your doorsteps through online pharmacies. Canadian pharmacy a trustworthy and legitimate pharmacy for those who are fighting the health issues for a long period.

Here we are going to reflect some of the health benefits of breastfeeding:

  • Cognitive Development– Babies who are breastfed are supposed to be more cognitive developed as compared to those who don’t. There are various studies conducted over the relationship between breastfeeding and cognitive development. Breast milk has fatty acids that help in enhancing cognitive development.
  • SID– Sudden infant death what it means is breastfeeding whether for the two years or partially helps in reducing the chances of SID. Not only has this breastfeeding also helped in reducing the risk of cancer and diabetes-like diseases.
  • Immunity Booster– The immune system of a baby is not much activity at the time of birth but through breastfeeding, the immunity enhances. Breast milk has many of the disease-fighting substances that help the baby to fight various health issues. Doctors also advise for the colostrums which is a huge amount of milk that is produced several weeks following delivery and is considered as the first breast milk. This milk is a safeguard to the baby. Breastfeeding reduces the risk of respiratory illness, ear infection, and meningitis and stomach problems.
  • Obesity– The common problem of nowadays, even in children it is increasing. According to a study it is revealed that breastfeeding helps in reducing the risk of obesity, so babies who are breastfed are less in the risk of being overweight in their later age.

Breastfeeding is considered as an effective process in making the baby active, intelligent and to have a good immune system. There are various places where the benefits of breastfeeding are not much known so, for them; there should be awareness programs to be done to reduce the mortality rate. Not only for the babies is breastfeeding also very beneficial for the nursing woman.

Breastfeeding helps in reducing the pregnancy weight; breast milk contains fats so this process can make your baby having some of your fats. Oxytocin is also produced during breastfeeding and this helps in bringing back the uterus to its normal position. Many of the women have uterine bleeding after pregnancy and breastfeeding reduces uterine bleeding. Breastfeeding also helps in lowering the risk of certain cancers.