Common Questions Asked When Buying A C-Arm Machine

The market is full of C-Arm machines. It can be overwhelming if you’re not familiar with the different types available and what they do. Fortunately, you can invest in C-Arm Rentals at affordable prices. This article will answer some common questions about C-Arm machines, so that you can make informed decisions during a purchase.

How Does A C-Arm Machine Work?

C-Arm machines are used to take x-rays of a patient’s body. They give the technician more control over positioning and shaping the radiation beam as they move around.

One advantage of using a C-Arm is that it can be maneuvered around the patient to get different angles. It also lets doctors examine a person from any direction without having to move them or change position, which is important in an operating room where space may be limited.

Its image intensifier converts light into an electrical signal and increases its brightness to provide images with higher quality. The more powerful the image intensifier, the sharper and clearer the imaging will be.

What Storage, Image Processing, Transfer, And Display Facilities Do I Need?

A variety of the current C-Arm machines come with a USB data port to transfer data to a computer, but imaging capabilities are limited. Machines with hard drives can be connected to an offsite cloud storage facility or shared server in order to store and share images without the need of bringing a laptop into the MRI suite during procedures.

They also come with a high-resolution CCD camera, built-in light, and a remote control. The monitor for display that they come with can be adjusted to the height of any table for ease of use and convenience.

The old systems only had one camera, and it was a fixed camera that they used for all patients. Now the newer systems have multiple cameras which are very important when trying to diagnose more complicated conditions like brain tumors or heart problems.

Other additional features include 3-D imaging, flat panel detectors, and a variety of conventional imaging equipment.

  1. Which Is The Best X-Ray Generator Power?

The power of your generator is an important consideration. The higher the wattage, the more powerful it will be and the better visibility you’ll have on the screen for imaging detailed parts of a patient’s body.

Low power C-Arms are used for general surgery and urology procedures, while high power C-Arms are used for orthopedic surgeries. Increased X-ray power is more beneficial because it allows for a better visualization of the target area.

These benefits are vital for high risk and pediatric patients who may be uncomfortable with longer exposure times.

  1. How Is Their Maneuverability?

A C-Arm should be maneuverable around a hospital room. It is generally mounted on a wheeled cart that can be easily pushed by one person around the room and maneuvered to various positions, such as over an operating table or up against the back of an exam chair.

It is necessary to consider a device’s dimension before you buy one.

In conclusion, these are some of the common questions asked before buying a C-Arm machine. These questions will help you make your decision and help you buy a C-Arm machine that suits the needs of your practice.