How a Capsule Filling Machine Can Boost Your Productivity

Let’s say you are looking to start up a company specializing in a particular supplement. what is the best, and easiest, way to get your blend to the customers? In a capsule, of course. As one ventures into a business which may involve the filling of capsules, one may wonder the best route to fill them.

An Ideal Machine

Finding a machine that can offer a balance of equipment versus cost can increase your productivity by increasing product yield and decreasing costs. Looking for a manufacturing company that utilizes Best Manufacturing Practices – like Six Sigma methodologies and other Lean Manufacturing processes – should be high on your priority list. These practices can make a difference between a machine that has been thoroughly and rigorously tested to meet and exceed minimum expectations each and every time it is fired up.

The machine you choose for your operation should increase the speed of your current process. However, it should not do so in a way that sacrifices accuracy. Losses from defective products, or in this case, partially filled capsules may exceed the price of replacing worn parts. It also should not lend to downtime, as that is also time and productivity down the tubes. A study in Tablets & Capsules January 2014 issue, entitled “Capsule Filling,” highlights the necessary measures you would need to undertake in order to make the best decision for your operation to maintain a high productivity and profitability.

Which Machine Is Right for You?

There are many choices to made within the selection of capsule filling machines. How big is the operation for which you are supplying the filler? Will the filling be done by hand? Is the operation so small that you are doing the work by yourself, or will you have many employees? Will you need counters to go with your filler? Just visiting a site like can illustrate the various options available for the beginner in the industry. The various options begin with a manual capsule filler and move up through the semi-automatic. These are great options for filling your own capsules at home or for distribution. The machines can fill as few as 100 capsules at a time and then move up to higher quantities. It all depends upon the size of your operation.

The equipment you choose should be easy to clean and sterilize to insure the safety of those consuming the capsules. Pharmaceutical grade stainless steel equipment means it can be washed, and sterilized, with ease. Clear acrylic is also a popular material from which these machines are constructed. This allows the powdered product to be seen as it is being filled into the capsules and it is easier to visually inspect after cleaning sterilizing procedures.

One thing is sure. With the variety of fillers available for every size of operation, you are bound to find what you need. Be sure to give the matter plenty of time and research so that you purchase the piece of equipment that will give you the best productivity and return for your investment.