How to become a Havening Techniques Practitioner

As a revolutionary new procedure for trauma and psychotherapy, Havening is currently on everyone’s lips and combines the benefits of a proven methodology with the benefits of a well-founded, based on neuroscience baseline explanatory model.

As a psycho-sensory mode of action, Havening (after pharmaceutics and conversation-based coaching / therapy) is now the third pillar of personal change work and convinces through rapid, sustainable solutions, even for complex tasks. The emergence of symptoms, blockages and traumas was traced back to the neurological model level and decrypted in order to formulate as simple as precise intervention models with a very high impact factor. If you are searching “havening technique near me” on Google, then this article is written specially for you.

The therapeutic sensation: Havening works like this.

At the heart of the Havening methodology is the so-called Havening Touch which is the therapeutically applied touch on the arms, hands and face. This regulates hormones and brain frequency in a favorable for the client area, which allows change and increases neuroplasticity.

  • Havening can be used universally – as a main procedure or in combination with other therapies – to loosen and resolve traumas, fears and blockages,from intrapsychic blockages and fears to traumas and even complex PTSD
  • Discovering, building and anchoring
    Havening resources can also be used to strengthen and make desired parts available: ideal for coaching and resource-oriented therapies

The Havening Techniques are based on a solid foundation: Based on findings from the neurosciences. It was developed by the New York doctor and therapist  dr. Ronald Ruden. With 75 employees, he runs one of the largest medical practices in the heart of New York, where he has focused on treating patients with the most severe trauma. There is now a worldwide network of hundreds of Havening practitioners who are thrilled with the power of this technology every day: doctors, psychotherapists, coaches and therapists from a wide variety of fields.

The Havening Techniques Training

Hypnovita is the first teaching institute in the German-speaking area that has been officially named by the author Ronald Ruden’s accredited training to become a Havening Techniques Practitioner.

Level I: classroom training & materials

The Havening training consists of a two-day practical course, which not only teaches you the theoretical and neuroscientific model of technology, but also offers a lot of practice. You experience different process protocols “Hands On”: Both as a practitioner and a client, and can thus directly convincing live in the course of the effectiveness of the technology. In particular, however, you will develop the correct application of Havening Touch and the structuring of the process protocols according to individual client requirements, so that you can work directly with Havening after the course. And with the help of the extensive documents that you receive in the course, you can then further deepen your course knowledge.

Level II: International certification

If you wish, you can then apply for official recognition and certification as a Havening Techniques Practitioner, which will be issued directly by Havening HQ of New York, USA. For these you need 30 documented case studies, two video documentations and a written exam. For this you should plan for about half a year, in which you are of course a case supervisor for questions and feedback available.