How to say goodbye to your smoking?

Well, when it comes to smoking so without any asking the internet is full of the heaps and tons of the articles which not just guide but also give you some relevant ideas just for the sake to get rid of this bad smoking habit.

But still, unfortunately, there are many youngsters, bachelors, and even teenagers who are getting addicted to this bad activity and opening the gateways for any severe and serious health issues and problems.

Today, in the article, I try to jot down some of the effective, easiest, cost-free tactics through which you can get rid of this bad habit and get back to your normal life/.

As it is a way better option to try your level best and get out of the comfort zone instead of spending a huge amount on treatments, medicines, and therapies.

So without any delay, let’s get the ball roll and unveil the tricks together.

  • Trigger your demands:

One easiest approach to get rid of this is triggering the need. Like, trigger the point or specific time when you eagerly crave for the smoking like for some people they want to smoke when they are on call, for some they smoke when they are in tension or busy.

The first is to trigger your weak hours and then pick the alternate instead of smoking. Like you can pick a cup of coffee, a simple drooling activity, exercising, walking, or anything else at that time when you crave for smoking.

  • Vape (e-cigarettes):

The next option is considering a vape juice or any liquid e-cigarette. This is for those who can’t resist so taking the vape will give them their favorite flavor and a nicotine taste which is fair enough to control their smoking habitual activities.

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  • Try to stay active:

Staying active is the basic but very effective key through which you can eradicate your smoking habit from your daily routine. All you need to do is a little bit additional effort for waking u early and go for a walk or exercise.

Staying active not just relax your mind but also boost your physical health which is the basic sign to eliminate the smoking factor from your life.

On the other hand, you can also set any specific time for your work out, Zumba, swimming, or any other activities that engage your mind and body or you think your favorite activity to do.

  • Avoid gatherings:

Last but not the least option is to cut the gatherings that remind you of smoking. We always make friends where we feel that the other one is also having the same or similar habits and thoughts.

So make sure that you are cutting your all smoking friends zone and start making new friends if not then start sitting with your family and dear-ones during that specific sitting time when you some with your friends.


Hope reading this little piece of advice, help you out, at last, you want to know anything else then feel free to ping me.

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