Living in Germany: calculator for Private Health Insurances

Is private health insurance profitable for you?

It is compulsory for all persons living in Germany to take out health insurance. Compared to the health system in the United States, this offers the advantage of being financially secure in the event of serious illness. However, he local system causes costs. This article is intended to give you an overview of the options available to you, as well as the pros and cons of each form of health insurance.

Statutory health insurances

Statutory health insurance only offers a certain amount of basic protection. In recent years, this has been somewhat restricted in its benefits due to the low level of monthly contributions. The contributions to be paid are based on the respective income of the insured persons.

It is advantageous that the contributions are very affordable for pensioners and that family insurance is offered.

However, it should be mentioned that doctors often prefer privately insured patients because they earn more from them than from patients with statutory insurance.

Private health insurances

There are some advantages that private health insurance companies offer compared to statutory ones. In addition, private health insurance for self-employed and higher earning employees is usually more affordable than statutory health insurance. An excellent example of this is dentist costs. Medical dental prophylaxis, which is crucial for long-term good oral hygiene, is not financed by statutory health insurance. Also, the SHI offers only a low lump sum contribution for dental prostheses, while private health insurances offer up to 100% cost coverage.

Another advantage is that the number of eligible doctors in the respective region increases due to the preference of privately insured patients by medical practices.

How do you find a suitable private health insurance?

As the insurance sector is rather confusing for many people, you should do sufficient research before taking out an insurance policy. The comparison of different offers is crucial. It is precisely in these cases that a PHI calculator can be enormously helpful. Thus you can always use the most optimal offer for your respective situation. Apart from advice, the website also offers you tipster commissions for further recommendations.

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