September is Sexual Awareness Month

September more than the first month of fall; it is also Sexual Health Month. As you button up the summer and let yourself get into a new fall routine, get your sexual health in order as part of that routine.

Schedule Your Yearly Exam

Life is busy, but everyone needs to make time for their yearly physical. It’s also a good time to refill any medications; your doctor likely has access to a digital pharmacy software system Pennsylvania that makes refills quick and easy. Take a morning off and get into your doctor’s office.

  • These physicals are not created to torture you, despite what you might think. You take your car to the mechanic to make sure all its insides are operating smoothly; if it helps, think of yourself as going in for maintenance.
  • Bloodwork is almost always part of the physical exam, so be prepared to fast. Morning visits can make this a little easier since you’re fasting for less time.
  • Now’s your chance to be 100% honest with your doctor about any concerns or questions you might have. It might be uncomfortable to discuss your most private matters with a stranger but remember: Doc went to school for ten years, nothing you say will shock them.

Talk to Your Partner

Sex is a team effort, so being able to openly discuss it with your partner is essential. In light of Sexual Health Month, have a heart-to-heart conversation with your mate about your sex life. This is not to scare or belittle them; just checking in every so often is good for you both. If you’re not sure how to start a conversation, here are some tips:

  • How have we been doing recently? Do you have any concerns about our sex life these days?
  • How are you doing? Is everything okay in your life, your mental state?
  • Have I done anything recently that has made you feel insecure? Is there anything you would like to address with me?

Knowledge is Power

Sexual education benefits everyone, so spread awareness! Everybody loves a little bit of trivia, so here are some facts about sex to spread the word.

  • The best sex is safe sex! Condomshave been in use for a lot longer than you might think; a French cave drawing estimated to be about 14,000 features a man using a condom.
  • Want to work some natural libido-boosters into your diet? Try watermelon, asparagus, dark chocolate and walnuts.

It doesn’t matter what your age, gender or sexual orientation is; sexual health and education is beneficial to all humans. Partake in Sexual Health month this September and celebrate one of the best parts of being human.