The Accurate & Effective EEG In Your Comfort Home | Seer Monitoring

Diagnoses can be finished quickly at home, allowing patients to monitor long-term treatment without leaving their homes. The Seer Medical offered a long-term video of EEG -ECG Aan electroencephalogram to the high diagnostic yield and suitable for identifying an intermittent event. Most of the tests will last for seven days, but the exact length will on how frequently your patient experiences certain happenings.

Seer Medical provides home video-EEG for neurodiagnostic conditions to enhance patient outcomes. Additionally, they can customize your home video-EEG according to the patient’s needs and would open the door for referral to a clinic or personal use at home.

 How can they help you?

In Seer services are benefited all adults and children that represent the following:

  • Diminished awareness and unconsciousness characterized the events.
  • Seizure during sleep.
  • Spontaneous convulsive behavior.

You can download the Seer App to your phone.

In the Seer App, you can get it on the Play Store or Apple App Store. Then, you can record the events and give the information to your doctors.

  • First, you will search Seer-Epilepsy Management and click the button download and install.
  • These apps, if you have been diagnosed with epilepsy, can help to keep a record of your events, track your medications, and have a better conversation with your doctor.
  • The Seer App can manage seizure cycles, and the risk of having a seizure can be evaluated and shared with your doctor.

What purpose do these healthcare providers serve for their patients?

The Seer Home-based to motivated to a purpose, such as:

  • Technology developed to help people better manage their valuable assets, such as health and time.
  • Innovators prioritize the users.

Seer technology was for people to wear devices for patients’ needs on these devices. Its design style has enabled significant advancement in diagnostic testing on a global scale.

  • Solve some challenges in healthcare

The best thing about solving the challenges in healthcare is the direct impact on people navigating their health. Problem-solving is in the DNA at Seer because there is no challenge they can’t take on.

  • Transferring the world-leading research

Researchers at Seer have distinguished themselves as industry leaders and investors in seizure prevention, identifying world-first technologies.

  • Team player

Teams at Seer are positive and healthy. They also cooperate, have good communication, and appreciation of tasks at all levels of the organization.

  • They offer more talent and better service abroad.

The Seer team is the brightest, most talented people is the primary goal also offers high-quality healthcare to everyone in Australia and other countries.

Seer healthcare is advanced and brings a long-lasting and beneficial to make the world at the center of entrepreneurship, medicine, and engineering. Though Seer’s primary focus is to improve patients’ outcomes with their innovations, the company also good changes in healthcare systems and world-class epilepsy research.