5 Reasons Why Rehab for Alcoholics is a Must

Since the rise of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) in 1935, rehab for alcoholics has become an increasingly popular approach to alcoholism treatment. The basic principle behind AA is that alcohol is not only physically addictive but also psychologically encourages repetition. There is no definite cure for alcoholism, and abstinence from alcohol is the only option available if you want to fully recover.

Around the world, alcohol is considered a social lubricant. People use it to celebrate, relax, and bond with one another. But for those with alcoholism, alcohol can be deadly. If you’re struggling with alcoholism, going to a rehab for alcoholics may be the best step you can take for your health and your future. If you are in Utah or somewhere around the area, Brighton Recovery Center would be a great place to seek help.

Here are five reasons why rehab for alcoholics is A MUST:

  • A group recovery program is more effective than individual treatment.

Results of a multisite clinical trial (Project MATCH) indicated that frequent participation in AA during the first 3 months was associated with higher recovery rates over the following year. Surrounding the alcoholic with people who supported abstinence, minimizing time with those who encourage drinking, and greater confidence in maintaining sobriety in social situations was strongly connected with recovery success.

  • Rehab for alcoholics provide the tools needed to stay sober.

The philosophy in rehab for alcoholics is that addiction is rooted in pre-existing mental health issues. Their treatment approach is holistic and includes assessment of physical condition at your first visit, regular checkups with a doctor, counseling to uncover the reasons behind the addiction, and education on the dangers of alcohol and different coping strategies.

  • Rehab for alcoholics provides a safe space.

Alcoholics need to feel comfortable, accepted, and safe to inspire them to continue with their recovery program and reduce relapse rates. Rehab for alcoholics offers a supportive environment free of temptations so they can focus recovery.

  • Alcoholism can ruin health and relationships and can cause financial and legal problems.

Rehab for alcoholics is only part of the addiction recovery program for people suffering from alcohol addiction, but this has been proven to speed up recovery. “Alcohol personality” refers to several personality traits often seen in alcoholics. This includes recklessness, blaming others, frequent excuses, inability to reason, irritability, and aggression. Excessive alcohol use has immediate and long-term health risks. It also led to approximately 95,000 deaths and 2.8 million years of potential life lost in the United States from 2011 to 2015. Read more about the associated health risks of alcohol here: Alcohol Use and Your Health

  • Rehab for alcoholics can help get their life back on track.
    Brighton Recovery Center has a post-rehab program for alcoholics. Continued support and follow-up are essential for long-term success and prevention of relapse.

Alcoholism is a treatable condition. Brighton Recovery Center understands how difficult it can be to overcome an addiction on your own, which is why comprehensive support and treatment services are provided every step of the process so that no one has to face this battle alone. If you have any questions about the programs, feel free to call +1-385-308-5243 or send an email to Inquiry@BrightonRecoveryCenter.com. You are not alone. You can recover. You can have a better life.