Are the Latest Products of Smoking Cessation Worth Trying

Vaping promoters claim the vape products can help you quit smoking though it still requires much more evidence to determine they can really help. Studies suggest that users switching to e-cigarettes from regular smoking are more likely to continue smoking and vaping as dual-use.

The increased e-cigarette use has also resulted in the continuous production of vape juices, devices, and accessories. Almost every vape shop or website displays the latest products with health benefits claims to attract users.

The increase in vaping use, especially among teens and youth, is a dangerous trend with several health-related risks. The battery-powered devices are available in many forms. They look like regular cigarettes or sleek tech gadgets. You can inhale and exhale nicotine, which simulates traditional cigarette smoke. However, this way to take in nicotine may pose certain health risks to those who use it as well as to those who are exposed to it.

It is a common belief that vaping is safer than smoking. Although e-cigarette aerosol does not have all the tobacco smoke contaminants, it is still not safe due to several reasons. These include:

  • Electronic cigarettes allow you to inhale and exhale nicotine. Vaping is a highly addictive act. It can damage the developing brains of adolescence and fetuses in females who vape during pregnancy.
  • Besides nicotine, vaping devices vapor has potentially harmful substances, such as volatile organic compounds, cancer-causing chemicals, and heavy materials like tin and nickel.
  • E-juices used in vaping gadgets can be harmful, even aside from their proposed use. Children and adults can get poisoned by breathing, absorbing, or swallowing the liquid through their eyes or skin.

People trying to give up on smoking or tobacco products should look for proven smoking cessation therapies before considering using e-cigs, which has still not been proved medically beneficial.