Common Sports Injuries and How To Treat Them

Whether you are an elite athlete, you just joined an intense pickleball league or you play golf once a month, it is likely you have felt some aches and pains from your physical activity. A lot of sports injuries are preventable, but unfortunately, they still happen. Depending on your injury, you may need to see a joint surgeon Charleston SC, a physical therapist or maybe a bag of ice can do the trick. Here are some helpful tips on how to treat the most common sports injuries.

Shin Splints

Shin splints are most commonly caused by overuse and improper technique when walking or running. For immediate relief of shin splints, you can rest, ice and take an anti-inflammatory. For long term relief you should look into the following things:

  • Find the right shoes for your feet
  • Consider arch supports
  • Adjust your running technique
  • Decrease high impact activities
  • Avoid overuse
  • Add strength training to your routine

Sprained Ankles

Rest and ice can help most sprained ankles start to feel better, but in order for a sprained ankle to heal properly, you need to continue to exercise and stretch to strengthen the tendons and muscles around the ankle. Building strength and flexibility will help prevent re-injury.

Strained Muscles

Unlike sprained ankles, strained muscles require a lot of rest instead of continued strengthening. A strained groin or hamstring can take weeks to months to heal because it is difficult to keep those muscles inactive for long periods of time. Usually, there isn’t more to do for a strained muscle besides ice, compression and rest, but if you experience a significant amount of swelling, you consult a physician.

It is common for untreated injuries to lead to bigger problems such as chronic back and hip pain, so it is always best to see a professional if an injury doesn’t resolve on its own within a week or two.