5 Easy Pelvic Floor Exercises for After Childbirth

There are many reasons why the pelvic muscles may weaken. One is old age and the most popular reason is childbirth. Pelvic muscles are very important, they support your bladder, bowel, and the uterus. They also play an important role during sex where the pelvic increases your ability to feel sexual pleasure and reduce pain. During pregnancy, the pelvic muscles stretch and after birth, you may realize a problem with leaking urine when you sneeze or cough. There is nothing to worry about. The pelvic floor muscles go back to normal with time. However, you can try these exercises to speed up the healing and even create your own pelvic floor rehab at home. Try the following exercises to strengthen the muscles:


This is the popular and most effective exercise for increasing the strength your muscles. All you need is to expand and contract the muscles. Kegels are effective if you easily pass wind, leak urine when you laugh, cough or sneeze. You might also have a very strong urge to urinate even a small amount of urine. The good thing is that you don’t need any equipment. Contract your muscles and then hold for about 5 seconds. You can repeat this ten times, 3 times in a day.

Split Tabletop

With tabletop, you move your legs in opposite directions while lying on the floor. This works your pelvic and hips, as well as, your abs. lie on your back and push your knees up so that the thighs vertical from the floor. Split your legs slowly with your knees falling outwards. Raise them back and repeat the movement 12 times in 3 sets.


This exercise works on your glutes and your pelvic muscles as well. You can do it alone or add some weight to facilitate the results. Lie on the floor with your back and bend your knees to form a 90 degrees angle. Let your arms lie straight on your sides and push from the heels upwards. Raise the hips from the ground and ensure you squeeze the hamstrings, pelvic floor, and glutes. Remain in that position for about 3 seconds and go back to the initial position. You can do this fifteen times, rest a bit and repeat the process 3 times.


Squats are known to involve the glutes, quadriceps, and hamstrings. Stand straight with your legs a bit wider than the width of your shoulders. Bend the knees and push your buttocks and hips back and assume a sitting position. Ensure the neck and chin remain neutral. Keep the thighs parallel to the ground and the weight on the heels. Repeat this 15 times.

Bird Dog

This exercise will engage several muscles, including the pelvic floor. Stay on all fours and keep your back straight. Raise your right arm and left leg straight and hold for about 3 secs. Do this with your right leg and left arm and hold. Complete about 3 sets with 10 reps each.


These are simple exercises that you can try. You don’t need equipment and you can do them in the comfort of your home. Remember to engage your muscles when exercising.