5 Reasons to Consider Working in Locum Tenens

Locum tenens, a phrase that means “holding the place of” is a term in healthcare that refers to medical professionals like doctors and physicians who take on temporary assignments and provide services for a limited timeframe. Since its inception around the seventies, this field has grown in popularity considerably as a viable career choice for many specialists within the industry because of the many benefits that it yields. And here in this article, we will explore a few reasons why you should consider working as a locum.

  1. Flexibility in work schedule

One of the primary reasons why many medical practitioners choose to work as locum tenens is that it gives them flexibility in their work schedule. When you get right down to it, the field of medicine can be overwhelming even for the most experienced doctors. And by having the option on what assignments and duties to take, where to work, and the duration. Not only can this help physicians avoid the burnout and fatigue that is usually associated with their profession, but working with a physician recruiter can also be ideal for those with other commitments.

  1. Generate more income

Another reason why locum tenens has become a popular career path for many healthcare professionals is that it helps them generate more income. In actuality, many locum tenens doctors are either employed by a healthcare facility or have their private practice. And by obtaining a few more shifts during their off days, they can supplement their existing income and earn more to put toward their financial goals, be it paying off student loans or mortgages or financing a vacation.

  1. More medicine, less administration

Ask any experienced locum tenens physician, and they’ll tell you the same thing: one of the most rewarding and fulfilling aspects of this career path is that it enables them to practice medicine more. Administrative duties can often keep doctors from spending enough time with their respective patients. And because many successful locum practitioners are usually requested for repeat duties and assignments, they often work with the same people for a long time.

  1. It’s a growing industry

The vast majority of healthcare employers usually fill gaps in their medical staff with locum tenens physicians due to the advantages that it gives them. The high demand for medical specialists paired with the perpetually growing demand for locum tenens guarantees that there won’t be shortages in work any time soon.

  1. Overheads and insurance are non-existent concerns

Apart from helping medical professionals earn more, a lot of physicians usually turn to locum tenens because they don’t need to worry about the overheads associated with running a private practice or making insurance payments. And it is for these reasons that it’s an attractive career choice, especially for younger doctors.

Given all of the benefits that come with working as a locum, it’s not surprising to see more and more physicians (young and old) make the jump into this field. However, make sure that you choose the right agency to work with before you commit. It can make all the difference in what kind of experience you’ll have.