The Armodafinil is used to combat various irregularities in sleep patterns. So far, the drug is invariably available in the US market. Due to its effect, it is not uncommon for it to be attributed structural similarity to stimulatory agents.

What is Armodafinil?

Only in 2004 was the Armodafinil discovered by researchers in the United States of America as a medicine. Its approval is currently limited to the Americas. Whether the product will be available in Germany for the foreseeable future is uncertain. In very weak doses, it is used in this country as part of the drug treatment of different sleeping disorders. However, full approval has not yet been granted. That may also be due to the controversial effect of the Armodafinils. Critics see it as a drug and doping-like product. The substance is in the form of a white powder. Its administration is therefore in the form of tablets and in rare cases as a capsule.

Pharmacological action

With an increased propensity for sleep in adults, artvigil is comparatively frequently used. It is credited with a wakefulness effect. In the human organism, however, messengers, receptors and chemical substances may be present which require a mirror-inverted variant to match. This is the case in the fight against narcolepsy and increased fatigue during the day. Here the modafinil alone is not enough. Rather, the armodafinil is additionally administered. Both remedies, in turn, act in a particular spectrum of the body. In the nervous system, the armodafinil occupies special receptors. However, it has not yet been conclusively explored which processes are triggered in detail in the organism by the ingestion of the drug. The motor activities are however increased. The affected person is thereby able to keep his day work focused and alert. He will notice no or only an inhibited tendency to sleep. Likewise, he needs fewer breaks for his activities. The effect is quite stimulating. This, in turn, results in the criticism of the remedy, which can often lead to mood swings and depression.  You can get them from

Medical application & use

The Armodafinil is used to combat various irregularities in sleep patterns. The Armodafinil is primarily used when the affected person’s sleep pattern is damaged. This may be the case with narcolepsy, for example. In this case, the patient will repeatedly fall into a spontaneous tiredness. In extreme situations, this can also result in a sleep that extends from night to day. Another application of the drug is the shift worker syndrome. People who work at varying times lose their rest rhythm. In these cases, it is difficult to find sleep outside of the job. On the other hand, fatigue does not often increase in occupational activity. In these initial situations, the Armodafinil should cause a wakefulness of the person concerned. Further, use of the preparation seems possible even with slight mood swings. The impulsive effect is currently being researched in various psychological studies. In contrast, an influence on the willingness to perform among athletes was not confirmed. An improvement in fitness or motor skills could not be proven so far. Rather, the brain benefits from the Armodafinil.

 Side Effects

The side effects of the drug are severe. This can generally lead to mild symptoms such as headaches or disorders of the gastrointestinal tract. Relatively often also immune reactions of the body are recorded. These may be seen in a symptom similar to hay fever. Even rashes have already been detected. As a rule, however, the latter signs are temporarily limited. They should subside after a few days or weeks – if there is no improvement, the Armodafinil will be discontinued anyway. In addition to the physical but also mental discomfort may occur. In permanent use, patients often complain of a decline in mood. At times it should even result in a depressive phase with a tendency to suicide. The remedy can thus spontaneously improve the state of mind and trigger alertness of the patient. Permanently applied seems – according to the current state of research – but the opposite of it.