How Medical Marijuana and CBD Can Benefit Health

Medical Marijuana has been making a huge splash in the news recently, partly because of its controversial nature and partly because of the results it’s been having on health issues. Now that it has been deemed legal in 29 states in the U.S., many more people than ever before have begun using it. Here are some of the ways that medical marijuana is beneficial for health.

Pain Management

Medical marijuana can be taken in many forms. One of the least controversial ways is to take the CBD oil, which has all the benefits and none of the psychoactive effects of smoking marijuana or ingesting edibles, etc. Many people in the United States use CBD and other parts of the plant for chronic pain management. Painful conditions that have no known cure like internal cystitis, fibromyalgia, or endometriosis are sometimes treated with CBD to decrease symptoms in the sufferers.

Preventing Neuro Disorders

CBD and other marijuana ingredients are known to decrease symptoms of different types of anxieties, which affects many people in the modern world. It has been shown to reduce anxiety so successfully that researchers are looking into using it for serious PTSD treatment. It is similarly used to treat depression as well as anxiety. There is also some evidence to suggest that CBD has the potential to ward off serious neuro disorders, like dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, and epilepsy.

Treatment for Serious Diseases

Some scientific evidence shows that CBD and other marijuana ingredients reduce the chances of cancer and actual activity of certain cancer cells. In addition, it can relieve the symptoms of cancer treatments like chemotherapy and radiation. It can increase the appetite and ward off nausea of patients going through chemotherapy. Some institutions like Satori Caregivers actually deliver the medicine to the doorsteps of patients who have limited mobility, which is common for those fighting cancer. It also has some history in treating Parkinson’s disease. While it cannot cure Parkinson’s, it often lessens the tremors and other symptoms.

Solution for Weight Loss and Digestive Issues

Some people use medical marijuana as a solution for weight loss in people that have more trouble than others shedding the pounds. This is possible because marijuana reduces stress and stress-related weight gain. It can also treat digestive issues like irritable bowel syndrome and Crohn’s disease.

Alcohol and Drug Dependency

There is also some evidence to suggest that marijuana use reduces alcohol and drug-related cravings in those who struggle with substance addiction. But there is also some evidence that those who use marijuana are at a greater risk of forming a dependency on more serious substances later. So, this treatment must be exercised with great caution.

While medical marijuana still carries the weight of controversy and negative stereotypes, there is great scientific evidence to suggest that it has a wide array of health benefits across many different conditions. While much research has yet to be done on humans and side-effects must be investigated, the current evidence points toward a healthier, happier population.