Vital Things You Should Know About Cataract Surgery!

Are you identified with a cataract? Is your doctor suggested you get cataract surgery? If yes, it is the right time to click here to know more about this surgery. The majority of older people get this condition due to many causes. In many cases, the doctor suggests surgery to remove the eye’s lens and then replace it with the artificial one.

Since the procedure is completely safe and common, patients can go for the surgery without hesitation. Once the procedure is complete, the patient will be able to see better. However, there are many misconceptions about this surgery, and many people hesitate to take this procedure. Reading the following section will answer more of your doubts. Thus, you will go for the treatment without fear.

Cataract surgery – what does it mean?

Cataract surgery is used to treat cataracts. Here, cataracts define the clouding of the eye lens due to the clumping of proteins. Thus, the vision could worsen over time. However, if the condition is left untreated, it leads to blindness. The lens of the eye is behind the pupil and iris, which assist you in focusing on the objects of different distances away from you.

Different types of cataract surgery include switching the cloudy lens with the artificial transplant. About 90% of people have undergone this treatment and witnessed some improvement in the sharpness of their vision.

Major signs of the cataract surgery 

Usually, cataracts are more likely to develop as you get older. Over time, they get worse gradually. However, in the early stages, you will never witness any significant visual impairment, and thus, you do not need any surgery.

As soon as cataracts start to affect your vision, the doctor will recommend the surgery. This condition affects your regular activities such as reading, driving, and seeing in bright light. These are the major signs that you require surgery. Besides, you have other signs that indicate your vision gets damaged.

  • Double vision
  • Blurry vision
  • Colors appearing faded
  • Sensitivity to bright lights and glare
  • Impaired night vision
  • Halos around lights

Apart from aging, cataracts may also be congenital. It means some people have this condition by birth. Congenital cataracts are the leading cause of childhood blindness. Getting the surgery at the early stages may give a better solution. click here to understand more about the signs of cataracts surgery.

Facts about the surgery 

  • This surgery is very quick and does not take much time. Usually, the procedures take only 20-30minutes from start to finish.
  • Even though you will be awake during the surgery, it is not painful. You may experience some discomfort, but intense pain is extremely uncommon.
  • You will start to experience a slight improvement in your vision in the first few days. However, it takes up to a month to heal completely. Aftercare is highly important to get improvement in your vision. Use special eye drops to prevent infections and reduce pain. Wear the protective mask whenever you sleep. Wear the sunglasses when going out to safeguard your eyes from sunlight.