Why Lifting A Few Weights Can Halt Aging

Increasing bodies of research prove that the phenomenon of “ageless aging” is real. Traditionally, with the passing of age, there’s a slowdown in physical performance.  However, studies show that despite growing older, we can keep our bodies young.

Exercise Improves Cellular Aging

When it comes to strength training el dorado county ca fitness experts say it’s not just toning or developing muscle mass, but it can also halt cell aging. Doing exercise is one of the easiest ways to maintain good health, it prevents us from getting sick, boosts cardiovascular health, and helps us to have a healthy weight, but did you know it also helps cells to produce more proteins. And this effectively prevents aging at the cellular level.

Studies conducted at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota has found that strength training has been the most effective in delaying age-related issues. Volunteers in the study were subjected to cycling at high intensity intervals, and training with weights. 49 percent of the younger participants, and 70 percent of the older participants increased mitochondrial capacity. Similarly, all participants improved insulin sensitivity, which reduces the risk of developing diabetes.

The Advantage of Lifting A Weight

For a long time, aerobic exercise has been promoted as the ideal way to maintain physical fitness and health, however, we currently recognize the importance of combining this type of activity with strength training. Lifting weights improves posture, prevents injuries by strengthening the joints, but it also improves flexibility, thus better mobility as we age. Even better, it makes us happy.

Exercise in general releases dopamine, which is a neurotransmitter in the brain that’s necessary for feelings of pleasure and happiness. It reduces stress, not only in the short-term by exercising out the daily stressors, but it will assist in lower stress levels in the long-term as well. It’s also a natural confidence booster. Why? When you feel good, you look good. Like they say, the sexiest thing on a man or women is their confidence.

Doctors point out that exercise has numerous health benefits such as improved sleeping, mental wellness and overall great well-being. Experts say that one should continue to exercise, no matter the age to increase one’s overall healthful goal: to slow down aging and achieve overall holistic wellness.

The Importance of Muscle Mass

Muscles play a fundamental role in general health and well-being at all stages of life, but especially in old age. The loss of muscle mass related to age is an independent risk factor and predictor of mortality. Having very few muscles diminishes life expectancy and increases the risk of death from all causes. Elderly, under-used muscles are subject to oxidative stress, caused by free radicals, which can cause DNA damage, and age-related pathologies.

Muscle atrophy generates further problems such as postural instability, bone brittleness, fatigue and weakness, a change in the body’s overall structure, loss of functional autonomy and independence, and increased morbidity. The combination of all these problems gives rise to a vicious circle that contributes to an aggravating sedentary lifestyle. Basically, doctors say you use it or lose it. Long-term positive outcomes created by a regular workout routine, only become attainable when we go to the gym on a regular basis, and the impact has significant results that keep us young and healthy.