Yo-Yo Weight Loss Can Harm The Heart

A crash diet can be very tempting, especially if you want to shed weight within a very short time. However, it has a damaging effect on the body. A crash diet causes blood pressure, weight, blood sugar and cholesterol to fluctuate. When this happens, there are serious repercussions.

Yo-yo weight loss, or weight cycling, puts people at risk of a stroke, heart attack or even death based on findings by the American Heart Association. Here are the risks associated with weight cycling.

Yo-yo weight loss increases risk of heart attack or stroke

To work out what damage weight cycling has on the body, researchers at the Catholic University of Korea evaluated about 6800000 people. The people involved in this study were healthy. When the research began, none had diabetes, high blood pressure or an elevated cholesterol level. In addition, none had experienced a heart attack before.

For 7 years starting 2005, researchers tracked these peoples’ weight, blood pressure, blood sugar, and body cholesterol level.

By the time the study ended, about 55000 research subjects had passed away, 23000 had suffered a stroke, while 21452 has suffered a heart attack. Those whose blood pressure, weight and body cholesterol had fluctuated had a 127 percent likelihood of dying, about 43 percent likely to suffer a heart attack and 41 percent more likely to suffer a stroke.

Yo-yo weight loss causes stress to the body

Since this research study was mostly observational, it did not offer a reason why fluctuations in participant variables put them at risk of stroke or heart attack. However, there are potential reasons as to why a Yo-yo weight loss causes the body a lot of stress.

Losing weight suddenly, then adding weight again, can cause the body a lot of stress. During a restrictive diet, your body has access to a small fraction of the calories it needs, and this causes it to work extra hard to derive energy from your muscle mass and body fat.

Consequently, your body experiences a high level of cortisol and inflammation. Cortisol is the hormones responsible for fight-or-flight and stress. This hormone is like your warning system. When you are in danger, its level goes up in the body.

Prolonged elevation of cortisol levels in the body is linked to anxiety, depression, elevated cholesterol levels, increased blood pressure and weight gain. Continued variation in levels of cortisol due to Yo-yo dieting is one of the root causes of heart disease.

 Instead, focus on healthy habits

If you are prone to using a crash diet, it will be very difficult for you to maintain healthy habits. This is especially true for people who alternate fad diets and binge eating with healthy activities such as exercise.

Rather than being caught up in all the effects that this kind of dieting promises, try to a long term way to lose weight. For instance, most people who are looking for a safe and healthy way to shed weight have had impressive results after using Saizen HGH for Sale. With Saizen HGH for Sale, your body does not at risk of the factors that come with weight cycling. Plus, Saizen HGH for Sale guarantees you a lean body within a few months.

Although more research is needed, the little evidence that scientists have at the moment points to the fact that weight cycling is not healthy at all. Nevertheless, this should not stop you from starting your weight loss journey. Instead, choose a dietary plan that is both healthy and sustainable.

Dieticians recommend a plant-based diet like Mediterranean DASH since evidence suggests that this is the healthiest approach to achieving a healthy weight.

Health care providers should track patient measurements

Health care providers and doctors need to watch their patients’ cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood sugar level. If variability is found, it means action needs to be taken to address a patient’s dieting habits. Stabilizing a patient’s measurements will go a long way towards stabilizing a person’s health.

A high variable in measurements can cause negative effects on cardiac health, even in people who are healthy.  A little more research is needed for health experts to fully understand the connection between cardiovascular health complications and fluctuation in measurements. Only then can they be able to prescribe the right methods to manage body weight.

Wrap Up

Variation in blood pressure, weight, blood sugar, and cholesterol can lead to cardiovascular health complications. This type of variation is likely to cause negative effects on your heart even if you consider yourself healthy.

Other ways to shed weight are less risk. You can organize a schedule during the week and slot in time for exercise. You could also exercise on your way to work by walking by covering the distance between your home and work on foot. Some people park their cars far from their destinations and walk the rest of the distance on foot.